countdown to beetlejuice atl

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this page is dedicated to the current beetlejuice on tour, and by far my favorite...justinjuice. where do i even begin with justinjuice. he is perfection to me. he has taken this character and ran with it. the vicious ferality that oozes from the way that collette plays him is quite literally addictive to me, and i cannot get enough. i honestly hope the show stays on tour for as long as possible just so i can see all the different ways he can be a horrid wild animal onstage.

Justin Collette has been playing the role since the start of the tour in 2022, and is definitely one of my favorite portrayals of the character so far. The slight change of voice and attitude that he brings to the stage is always so much fun to watch and I love that you can never be quite sure how he'll improv or change something depending on each performance, and it has made the tour very fun to follow.

Oh. Also this.