countdown to beetlejuice atl

yet another dw crosspost - 3/06/2024

she's back at it again...talking about the damn musical... BUT WE'RE A MERE 13 DAYS AWAY NOW!!! Can you believe it...I can't...

Anyway. I finally finished the piece I had been working on for Justin, had it it's just a matter of seeing if I can get it to him! No problem if not, I know I can send it digitally to the tour management company or something... I think they put them in a scrapbook or something? How cute! The hardest part so far has been not posting the damn thing early, but then the longer I hang onto it and look over it again and again...I keep finding stuff WRONG WITH IT. Every time I sit down and actually finish something for once I keep finding issues with it! Just let me enjoy my little drawing I worked so hard on it please...

As I've been mulling about online jumping between tags, I always notice there is such a distinct lack of talk of Justin! I literally think I brought this up a few days ago but it crushes me!! Tears me apart!! He is darling and I wish more people spoke of image i posted to my mastodon yesterday...

LOL I HATE HOW LONG IT IS it's currently my phone lockscreen

Anyway...It must be said...he needs more recognition...more I can see all the posts about them and look at them and agree and nod my head and go mhm mhm at my computer screen. On a more actual related to the musical note, I've been mulling about wondering what song I'm most excited about seeing live. I still think the answer is "What I Know Now" just because of how much that song means to me, especially at the place that I'm at now...compared to where I was in October of last year. Last year was one of the hardest of my life, and getting to see this show (and Corteo soon) really is like pulling myself out of the pit. Metaphorically speaking...literally as well maybe? It feels a little silly to be like "Oh these shows mean so much to me." But they really do! Both being loosely themed around similar things is also a little funny, but fitting for the type of lady I am. She likes what she likes.

Finally getting to see this show live means the world to me, and I know I'm probably going to turn into a weepy mess once the show gets to act 2 if I'm not already a sniveling nightmare by "Dead Mom". We shall see...I'll probably end up typing a very extensive post after my first viewing of the show, a post detailing the second one to see if anything changes, and then a long "retrospective" type post once I'm back from Corteo. Fully expect a review post about Corteo as well! I've been waiting YEARS to see that one!!

another dw crosspost - 3/03/2024

I have been pondering on what I'm so fond of in regards to Collette's portrayal of Beetlejuice, and I think it really comes down to a couple things...maybe a few...but I've settled on his silhouette and his general demeanor. I'm sure there's more, but I realized when I draw him I really focus on exaggerating his shape, as he is especially darling when he hunches over or contorts himself into these cartoony poses.

It helps that they've changed a few things to differentiate him from Alex's portrayal, namely his hyena mane wig. I don't care what anyone says, that is literally a hyena mane. It also seems to CHANGE partway through the show but I don't know if that's actually the case or if I'm just nuts. I'll have to see for myself once I see the show in a couple weeks. I will report back with a full review of the show since I am seeing it twice for some ungodly reason. I just couldn't help myself. Please understand.

Aside from all of this though, he's just so much FUN to LOOK AT...I love seeing his facial expression work and just the little things he does with his face in the background, or how he holds himself when he's just in the background of a scene not saying anything.

I must once again refer to…

I will be writing a full scientific thesis on whether or not I see this at both of my shows. Please check back for my report.

crosspost from dw! - 3/02/2024

I know most of you have seen me blabbing at length about the Beetlejuice musical, namely the version of it that's currently on tour for some time now- but I don't think I've really spoken at length about it much? Not so far at least. I of course adored the show when it was still on Broadway, and I lovvvve Alex Brightman's version of the character, but I have gained such an immense fondness of Collette's version of the character-- that I simply must yell about it!! I have to!! Mostly because it's so rare that I see discussions of him online much...maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Who knows! Regardless...Let me flap my gums about him a bit because he is so dear to me.

I first became aware of him through his time in School of Rock of course, he made a very cute Dewey Finn, and I loved the energy he brought to the show...he is always so chaotic. Which is what I love about him in the tour version of Beetlejuice! I remember the first time I came across a clip of him in it...Namely yelling at Adam Maitland's crotch during the little meltdown scene after "Fright of Their Lives". That's when I realized: Oh this guy just kinda takes the character and runs with it. From reports of him apparently bursting out into barking and snarling, to completely changing lines in songs...such an improv king is surely after my heart because WHAT??? HUH???

From different reports from shows and videos I've seen he really does seem to do as he pleases to try to get a laugh out of the audience, and it comes across as so charming I just adore seeing him onstage. It helps that he always looks like he's having a ton of fun, and I truly hope he is! I hope the tour stays on for as long as it can, as I really want to see him onstage as The Juice for as long as possible! I see the show in a couple weeks, and I'm really hoping I'll get to talk to him for a moment if he decides to stage door, just to let him know how much I've really enjoyed seeing him onstage as BJ, and how much I'm looking forward to following the rest of his tenancy in the show! I also want to...maybe...give him a drawing that I'd done for him but...We'll see if I'm even gutsy enough to do that.

Anyway that's all from me for now.

ok then - 2/25/2024

I can't remember exactly what it was that I had typed originally when I had made this page...I'm sure it was something to do with the fact that the page itself even exists now...but after my wisdom tooth surgery I have no idea what the hell I wrote before. Oh well. We'll start fresh.

Let's see, Let's see...I made this page in itself as a fanpage and a place to collect images, bits of info, etc etc of the show while it's on tour! It'll be here in just 22 days can you believe it? I sure as hell can't. I'm beyond excited to see it live, I really hope I'll get the chance to see Justin, but I'm unsure if he'll be stage dooring at all during their stint at the Fox...Guess we'll just have to see! Even if I don't get the chance to see him, I'll perfectly happy just watching him onstage. I've been waiting ages to see the show live, and I'm glad I'll finally get the opportunity!

Once I get some time off again, I'll be going through and updating the site more in full, as I have some gallery fixing to do, and I need to get some of my art uploaded and flesh that page out a little better. I want to also have some more details or maybe a production timeline on the about page, so I'll do some more research once I have some time off from work. That's about all for now, hope to check back in a few days once I make some more updates to the site!

ok then - 2/21/2024

i had typed a whole thing a few days ago and then my hosting provider updated my service and i guess everything got lost so i will have to go back and retype everything at a later date LOL OOPSIE.